Top Five - Gifts for Teens and Tweens That I 💕 by Emma K

June 14, 2019

Top Five - Gifts for Teens and Tweens That I 💕 by Emma K

(Compiled by my 13 year old daughter)

  1. Custom Petite Double Photo Charm Necklace

 This is the perfect gift for any teenage girl. With this handcrafted necklace, she can have a photo of her, and a photo of a friend. Or, one of her friend group, the other of her family. Or how about the city she was born in and wear she is now.  No matter what it might be, you can see for yourself here.

    2.  Custom Cartography Bangle Graduation Gift

Have a graduating teen? Maybe for a friend? These bangles are so many things wrapped into one package. Stylish, memorable, and they’re personalized to a special place, specifically for that person.

  1. Longing For A Vacay Earrings

 These are the perfect fit for any tween to teen who wants to stand out during the day. With these dangle earrings, you’ll sure to turn some heads and get loads of compliments. You could make map earrings the trend!

  1. Photo Keychain

 Me, as a teen, absolutely adore these photo keychains! My mom, Dana, makes these really often, they’re definently a hit. My friends and I have these on our lanyards for school, and the pictures are often of a special memory, a family member, or each other! This is the perfect gift for a teen that’s going places.

   5.   Vinatge Constellation Necklaces

 Zodiac sign jewelry is all the rage right now. Do you know yours? Well, either way, you can get one for a loved one or a friend. These necklaces are vinatge, so they have a rustic look that goes with any outfit. Any teen or tween would love this gift!

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