October 30, 2019


When I started DLK Designs back in 2007 after the birth of my first daughter, I really had a dream of being a metalsmith, actually, these feelings go back to making gemstone beaded bracelets in college!  I wanted to create things from scratch, but as a new mom, there just was not time to commit to this dream. I tucked this dream away, but it never went away, the urge was always there. Now my dream has become a reality!  Thanks to my jewelry artist friend Kathryn (you should check out her work - she’s amazing!) who invited me to her studio in October of 2019 to show me the basics of metalsmithing and I loved it! And the funny part is I knew I loved it once I was sanding and perfecting my very first ring!  I truly can not wait to see where this artistic journey takes me. I plan to incorporate the vintage maps and your photos into the new one of a kind personalized jewelry item as well as words of inspiration collection. While I adore the travel and map jewelry (that is not going anywhere because your stories behind a piece truly mean so much to me), I have grown a lot over the years and can’t wait to share new pieces with you.  I will be adding new pieces to our NEW section when I can!

What would you like to see?  Please share with me any ideas you may have via email or DM on Insta!

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